Sessions are 1hr long, with the last 10 mins being used for summing up of session content, arranging the next session and attending to any practical arrangements between the therapist and client.

Regular supervision of the therapist is undertaken in which casework will be discussed. No client names or identifiable details are disclosed.

Content of the sessions are confidential, however there are exceptions to this;

  • If the client or someone else is in danger or at risk of serious harm.

  • Where session content is required by law to be disclosed.

  • The integrity of the therapist is compromised.

Notes are kept of the session. No identifiable details of the client are used. The notes are handwritten and kept in a locked file at the therapist's home address. The notes are destroyed after 1 yr of therapy ending. The client has full access to their notes, however, they remain the property of Wayfare Wellbeing.

The client's name and contact details are generated when the client contacts the therapist. Contact details are stored on a password protected mobile phone and computer. Contact details are deleted 2 weeks after therapy has ended.

Contact between sessions is restricted to arrangements for therapy sessions.

A £20 deposit or full payment for sessions is required to be paid 24 hrs in advance of session time with the reminder (if just deposit paid) to be paid in session.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or a cancellation fee of £20 will be charged.